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Emergency Care

We provide emergency care and evacuation by helicopter or plane to all people during our normal business hours, but we advise you to write to our office as soon as possible so that we can greet you immediately.

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24 Hours Service

The Surgical Services department maintains 24-hour services to meet the needs of the surgical patient.

About Best Surgical Clinic

Medical specialty concerned with the care of acutely ill hospitalized patients

The private surgical clinic has a plan to get you a kidney transplant or other, from living and compatible donors at a specific time so you don't have to wait long on the national list.

Many people who need organ and tissue transplants cannot receive them quickly ... because more than 2,000 new names are added to the national waiting list for organ transplants. Our specialists will help you obtain your transplant in a short time.

You need surgery from kidneys, hearts lungs to others. Consult directly the best surgeons for a shorter or express solution in private clinics located in 5 countries.

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Your Health is Our Top Priority with Comprehensive, Affordable medical.

at best surgical clinic Every human being has the unconditional right to benefit from health care. The first good is health, the second is beauty, the third is wealth. A healthy body is the good home of the soul; a sick body is its prison. with us your solution is near you.

Clinic Departments

Nephrology Deparments

Nephrology is the medical specialty aimed at preventing, diagnosing and treating kidney disease. It is different from urology, a surgical specialty focusing on the male genital system and the entire urinary system (kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate, urethra) and more

Cardiology Deparments

Cardiology is the specialty of medicine which studies and treats the heart and vessels (arteries and veins), which specifies their functioning (normal or pathological) and which offers treatments (medical, endovascular or surgical). Cardiologists intervene in the field of emergency (myocardial infarction, hypertension outbreaks, aneurysms) but also in daily practice since they take care of hypertension, angina pectoris, heart failure ... They also take care of diseases linked to atherosclerosis, a disease of the vessels whose caliber decreases due to the accumulation of lipids in the walls.

Plastic surgery Deparments

The purpose of this specialty is to repair, reconstruct or improve the appearance of the body at birth or after an accident, illness or procedure. The purpose of this specialty is to repair, reconstruct or improve the appearance of the body at birth or after an accident, illness or procedure.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery really took off with the return to the front lines of soldiers from the First and Second World Wars. Today it has its place in the treatment of scars, post-cancer reconstructions (breast cancer in particular) and congenital malformations. So-called cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, concerns people who wish to change their appearance without there being any real pathology. It is based on individual appreciation of the aesthetic or unsightly nature of certain parts of the body. It is not reimbursed by Social Security (with very rare exceptions) unlike reconstructive surgery procedures.

Infertility Deparments

Infertility is the difficulty in conceiving a child. The chance of pregnancy within a month or during a menstrual cycle, in a couple not using contraception, is in the order of 20 to 25%. We talk about infertility if there is no pregnancy despite having unprotected sex for a period of at least 12 months.

This medical treatment possible thanks to our experts.

Traumatology Deparments

Traumatology is related to orthopedic surgery and trauma surgery, since serious injuries fall under surgery. It can also be part of emergency medicine, as many trauma patients enter the hospital this way.

Each year in Europe, more than 6 million people are taken care of by orthopedic and trauma surgeons. we register around 7000 admissions are recorded each year in the network of our trauma centers


Our Qualified Doctors

Professor Liz Lightstone


Pregnancy and kidney disease , Glomerulonephritis , Proteinuria (protein in the urine), Lupus , Nephropathy (Kidney disease), Diabetic nephropathy.

Dr. Paul Nassif


A world-renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Nassif is recognized on the streets of Beverly Hills – and wherever he travels. He is a truly gifted facial plastic surgeon who approaches each surgery with artistry and with the use of the most advanced techniques.

Dr. Jaya Bhat

Gynecologist, Obstetrician

Dr. Jaya Bhat is the most renowned Gynecologist in Bangalore. She practices the specialty services of in-vitro fertilization, urogynaecology and laparoscopic surgery.

Dr Devi Prasad Shetty

Cardiac Surgeon

Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty is one of the most renowned Cardiothoracic Surgeon in Bangalore. With an experience of over 34+ years, he has performed over 15,000 heart operations among which 5000 were performed on kids.


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